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Teams are made up of two types of channels — standard (available and visible to everyone) and private (focused, private conversations with a specific audience). 

Each channel is built around a topic like “Team Events,” a department name, or just for fun. Channels are where you hold meetings, have conversations, and work on files together.

The tabs at the top of each channel link to your favourite files, apps, and services.

Try it!

Do this activity to get channels to work for you. Create a channel in Microsoft Teams to focus conversations on a specific topic, project, or department.

  1. Use a General channel to share announcements and news that everyone needs. Each team has a General channel by default.

    To create a new channel, select More options () > Add channel.

  2. Add a name and description.

  3. Select a privacy level: Standard or Private

  4. Choose to automatically show the channel in everyone’s channel list.

  5. When you’re ready, select Add and the channel appears in your team’s channel list.


Add a tab

  • Select the plus sign next to the tabs.

    For example, add Planner to create a project board for tracking team tasks.


Pin and unpin a channel

If you have a lot of channels, pin the most important ones to make them easy to find.

  • To pin a channel, choose one to pin and then select More channels > Pin.

  • To unpin a channel, choose one to unpin and then select More channels > Unpin, and to see what else you can do.