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In Microsoft Teams, teams are groups of people brought together for work, projects, or common interests.

Try it!

Do this activity to get the most out of this training. Create a team for a specific scenario. Use a team templates that come with relevant apps and channels. Don’t worry, you can always delete this later.

  1. Select Teams > Join or create a team > Create team.

  2. Select a team template based on the team scenario you want.

    Each team template comes with added channels and apps to enhance your chosen scenario or industry.

    You can also select From scratch to build a team from scratch, or select From a group or team to build one from an existing Microsoft 365 group.

  3. Choose a privacy level: Private or Public.

  4. Add details about your team such as a team name and description.

  5. If you chose a team template, edit channel names to further customise your team.

  6. Select Create.

    After a few minutes, your team gets created.