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Teams and channels let you and your team share thoughts, organise information, and help bring everyone together in Microsoft Teams:

  • Team: This is a broad group of people who work together to get something done, such as a major company initiative, specialised projects, or just for fun.

  • Channel: This is a for a specific area within the larger team, such as a channel for design, marketing, or budget to support a team’s objective, where people can have focused conversations.

    Use a channel to post announcements, hold meetings, share updates, and find files and information.

Try it!

Do this activity to get teams and channels to work for you:

  1. Create a team and then create channels. (Don’t worry, you can always delete this afterwards.)

  2. Add details and decide between these channel types:

    • Standard: Anyone on the team can see this channel.

    • Private: Only invited people can view and access it.

  3. Once you’re in a channel, create a post, choose a post type, and format it.

  4. Add an @mention to get someone’s or everyone’s attention.

  5. Try inserting an image or a file to increase participation among people, and then post it.

  6. If someone shares a file, you can find it under the Files tab in a channel.

  7. Look for someone else’s team or channel and post something.