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Meetings are an essential place where work happens in Microsoft Teams — whether you’re engaging with an important client or catching up on a group discussion.

There are three parts to a Teams meeting:

  • Before: When you create and send out an invite.

  • During: When everyone meets.

  • After: When people share recaps and action items.


Try it!

Here are the basics of how to get started with meetings in Teams. 

Do this activity to get the most out of this training. Use a friend or your supervisor to practise on.


Before a meeting

Create a meeting and discover how to adjust your settings before you join one:

  1. Go to your Calendar and select New meeting.

  2. Add people to the invite such as colleagues in your organisation or your supervisor.

  3. Add a location or make it an online meeting.

  4. Type an agenda.

  5. Check Scheduling Assistant to make sure your proposed time works for everyone.

  6. Choose to automatically record a meeting in case someone can’t make it and select Send.

  7. Join a meeting from an email, a channel, a mobile device, or your calendar.

  8. Choose your meeting settings from the pre-join screen, and select Join now.


During a meeting

Explore how to interact with others in a meeting:

  • Avoid the frustration of speaking over other people and select Raise your hand to share your thoughts.

  • Add your questions to the meeting chat to avoid interrupting a speaker.

  • Select React and choose a reaction to express how you feel in real-time.

  • Select Share to show a presentation, a window, or your entire screen.


After a meeting

Re-visit documents and follow-up with people after the meeting’s done:

  • Go to your calendar invite to view shared files, the meeting recording, or transcript.

  • Share notes or action items with your team.